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List Your Property with Us For Free - Direct Bookings

Free set up, no monthly fees, more opportunities for direct bookings. You keep your same property manager, cleaning crew and communication systems; we just send you bookings!

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What We Offer

Free Setup: Get your property listed hassle-free, with no upfront fees or hidden charges. Our easy-to-use platform guides you through the setup process effortlessly.

No Monthly Fees: Unlike other platforms, we believe in transparency. There are no monthly subscription fees—ever. List your property with us and enjoy peace of mind knowing there are no ongoing costs.

  • Free Marketing: We invest in various marketing channels to maximize visibility and attract potential guests—all at no additional cost to you. This includes:

    • Google Ads: We leverage Google Ads to target potential guests actively searching for accommodations in your area.

    • Software Integration: Our platform integrates with cutting-edge software solutions to optimize your listing's performance.

    • Email Marketing Campaigns: Our targeted email marketing campaigns reach thousands of subscribers interested in travel and vacation rentals.

    • More Opportunities for Direct Bookings: We connect you directly with potential guests, giving you more control and flexibility over your bookings. Say goodbye to hefty commission fees and hello to more direct revenue.

    Maintain Your Team and Booking Process: Keep your existing property manager, cleaning crew, and systems intact. We seamlessly integrate with your current setup, ensuring a smooth transition without disruption.

    Flexible Communication: You decide how involved you want to be in guest communication. Whether you prefer to handle it all yourself or leave it to our experienced team, we've got you covered.

    Things to Note:

    • We facilitate direct communication between guests and your property manager, ensuring seamless coordination and personalized service.
    • Your property manager remains the main point of contact during the guest stay, we will be cc'd in all communication to ensure timely responses for our guests.
    • Our platform enhances your property's visibility and generates additional bookings while respecting your established processes.
    • You retain full control over your property, including rules, availability, and pricing.
    • Trust and security are paramount. Our platform prioritizes safety and transparency, ensuring a secure experience for all parties involved.
    • There are no hidden fees or surprises. We offer transparent, reliable service every step of the way.

    How the Process Works between LDM and Owner:

    1. Client Reaches Out to LDM: When a potential guest reaches out, we promptly respond to inquiries and gather all necessary details to assist the guest and align them with the best condo for their group.

    2. LDM Checks Owners Airbnb/Vrbo: To ensure a seamless experience, we check your Airbnb or Vrbo listing for availability and pricing information, including the nightly rate and cleaning fee.

    3. Informing Owner and Confirming Booking: Once we have all the details, we reach out to you, the owner, with the booking information. We provide details about the guest, including who will be staying, and ask if you'd like to accept the booking. You have the final say in whether to accept or decline the reservation.

    4. Collecting Payment: Upon your confirmation, we collect the payment from the guest. Rest assured, we handle all financial transactions securely and efficiently.

    5. Coordination with Property Manager: In the first welcome email to the guest, we cc your property manager (PM). From there, your property manager takes over communication for the remaining details, such as check-in codes, specific questions about the condo, and any other requirements. Your PM will be the main point of contact throughout the stay.

    6. Owner Payout: We understand the importance of timely payouts. That's why we ensure owners receive their payout 29 days before the check-in date. You can trust us to handle the financial aspects, leaving you free to focus on providing an exceptional guest experience.

    At LDM, our streamlined process ensures that every step is handled with care and efficiency. From initial inquiry to guest check-out, we're dedicated to making the experience seamless for both owners and guests.

    LDM Team