car rental los cabos mexico

Why You Should Rent a Car on Vacation

Having your own vehicle means you can have the freedom to be on your own schedule. Every minute of the day counts when you’re visiting a new destinations, and when you only have a limited number of days, it’s not exactly ideal to spend hours on buses and trying to hail a cab. Public transport can often take double the time to get somewhere because of the many stops and transfers. Although Uber is very cheap in Mexico, there are limitations and less peace of mind having to rely on someone else to get you from point A to point B.

Limitations to Uber in Mexico

  • No Airport pickups or dropoffs

  • Only three people per Uber

Low Cost and Affordability

Renting a vehicle helps you travel at your own leisure. More often than not, it is often the most cost efficient way of getting around, even with the car insurance and gas factored in.

Comfort is also a huge reason to rent a car in Baja. Having the freedom to listen to your own music, blast the AC and explore different areas is a blessing when the sun is blazing and roads are busy.

If you are a surfer looking to explore Baja for uncrowded waves, we recommend a 4 wheel drive vehicle. If you plan on staying in the city, two wheel drive will be great.

If you plan to be drinking, please call an Uber and do not drink and drive. Ubers are extremely affordable in Mexico and it is not worth risking your safety and others.

Each group is different and renting a car may not always be the best option. For people who plan to stay at the condos most of the trip, only leaving for nearby meals/drinks, we recommend using our private airport transportation and Ubering to restaurants. If you plan to explore Los Cabos and nearby areas, renting a car is definitely the best option.

The best car rental company in Los Cabos is Cactus-Rent-a-Car. You can schedule your car before your arrival and the process is very smooth to pick it up and return it.