Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is one of the most important investments we can make while traveling and it is often overlooked. What people don’t realize is that things can happen outside of our control and can go wrong. You would never buy a house without insurance, or drive a vehicle without insurance so why would you not consider insurance when traveling? Accidents can happen and if/when they do occur, it’s best to have insurance in place that could not only save your bank account, but also save your life!

At Let’s Do Mexico, we choose to adopt the mindset that if you have it, you won’t need to use it. And if you do need to use it, you’re grateful for your foresight to prioritize your health, safety and finances. Even before a global pandemic was going on, it was always a good idea to purchase travel insurance. Now that Covid-19 has made its presence known throughout the world, it is crucial that you buy travel insurance during these uncertain times. One thing that Covid has taught us is that the universe is unpredictable, and that the rules apply to each and every one of us. You never expect the worst case scenario to happen to you but if it does, it's better to be prepared and not have any regrets over heavy expenses that could have easily been avoided.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance covers a wide range of things, some of the most popular/important being:

-Trip cancellation coverage

-Lost luggage

-Adventure sports



-Medical evacuation


It is helpful to verify that the plan you choose covers Covid related medical care and evacuation as well. When it comes to your health and your life, those are not things you want to take a risk with. Travel insurance is not the thing to be penny smart and dollar foolish with - it is a wise investment in your health, wealth and future.

What Travel Insurance Should I Get?

Our viewpoint is to pay once now, not twice later. After doing quite a lot of research on travel insurance, our team members personally use travelinsurance.com and found a plan that covers everything listed in the picture below. The plan we chose covers 6 months of travel in Mexico and only cost $70 (the most affordable option we could find). The average cost of a week-long trip is $20 per person. It’s important to choose a plan that is specific to your needs. For example, our team members love to surf and are very active, so they wanted to make sure they had medical expenses and medical evacuation covered.

In the 10 years that our team has been coming down to Baja, thankfully none of us have had to use our travel insurance. However, some of our friends have not been so fortunate. One year we saw someone need to get airlifted out of the water after a surfing accident, and he did not have any insurance. How much do you think that cost him? Besides the fact he was fighting for his life, he now owes thousands of dollars and is still paying it off. The sad thing is that all of that could’ve been avoided with a little foresight and less than $20. Travel insurance is such an important investment and at Let's Do Mexico we highly encourage everyone to purchase it. It is the one thing you need to have and hope you never need to use.

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