Barbers for Baja

Barbers for Baja

It all started with one toy drive back in 2019 at the Kings Club Barbershop in Dana Point, California. A group of barbers decided to promote a toy drive for La Misión in Baja California and everyone was blown away by the number of donations that came through. The next year they decided to participate in the same toy drive again, and this time decided to promote the toy drive at other barber shops in the surrounding areas as well. In a short 30 days, the barbershop communities raised over $7k in toys and funds for the children of La Misión.

This positive momentum inspired the barbers to find even more ways to help not only the people of La Misión but also surrounding communities throughout Baja. Their mission is to help children all across Baja have better access to food, education, medical supplies, and happiness through one-on-one connections.

Through fundraising and events in the US and Baja, Barbers for Baja distributes food to multiple food banks, organizations, and families in the area. They collect medical supplies and materials for Baja firefighters, EMT’s and medical volunteers. But their main focus is providing children access to better education through their B4B Scholarship Program.

In 2021 they created the “B4B Holiday Box Sets’ to help with fundraising. The box sets include a StussyXB4B t-shirt, a pair of Stance socks, and a can of Uppercut Deluxe pomade. In 2021 they were sold at 20 barbershops + locations across the country and raised $50,000 in 3 short months with every dollar going toward their mission and this holiday season they will be launching new limited edition box sets to raise funds for their constantly growing scholarship program.

The B4B Scholarship Program is currently funding 7 highly ambitious college-level students who otherwise wouldn’t have the funding for reaching their goals + dreams. They also partner with multiple nonprofits supporting Baja. Some of which include funding for food banks, Baja firefighters, EMTs, medical volunteers, and the equipment + supplies they need to save lives. Though, one of the most important and impactful pieces is the one-on-one relationships built in these communities. Instead of coming in and thinking they know what is best for the town, they get to know the locals and ask what will best serve them and their needs. The connection felt between these children and families is the “why” behind each project.

It’s amazing what is possible when we come together as a collective consciousness for positive change in the world. It only takes one person to inspire many and make a difference. Please click this link if you are interested in donating or email them at with any ideas of how to help and get involved, and be sure to follow @barbersforbaja to see how you can get your hands on a limited edition box set this holiday season. Your support gives these children in Baja the chance to have a life full of opportunities.